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If you are involved in a car accident, you are probably dealing with pain, medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, and physical injuries, among other things. In the aftermath of a car accident, our attorneys can help you get medical help and recover for you damages. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may be able to fix your property damage, recover for your medical expenses, and obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. If you are the victim of a car accident, contact our law firm today!

What To Do After a Car Accident

After an accident you should:

  • Stop and assess the situation.
  • See if anyone is injured or dead.
  • Investigate the extent of damage.
  • Call for assistance if necessary.1

What To Do If Someone is Injured

If someone is injured, you should give reasonable assistance. For example, you may need to call an ambulance, take the injured person to a doctor or hospital, or give first aid if you know how.2

The best way to get help is to get to the nearest telephone and call 911. Explain the situation and provide a location so help can arrive quickly. Inform the operator whether you need an ambulance or a fire engine. If you do not have access to a phone, try and flag down a passing car and ask the driver for help.3

What Information Should I Collect

If you are involved in a car accident, make sure to collect the following information and evidence. If you can, take pictures with your camera phone:

  • The other driver’s license and registration information.
  • The other driver’s insurance information.
  • The other car’s make, year, model, license, and VIN.
  • The names, addresses, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, and telphone numbers of any passengers in the other car.
  • Contact information of any witnesses to the accident.
  • The name and badge number of any law officer who comes to the scene of the accident.
  • Pictures of the accident, the damage to any cars or other property, injuries of anyone involved in the accident, local landmarks, buildings, and street signs.
  • Take notes on any other information that may seem important, including any statements made by the driver or passengers of the other car.

Contact Koohanim Law Firm to Pursue Your Claims

After your accident, if you are seriously injured, make sure to request an ambulance and go to the hospital. If you believe your injuries are minor and you do not go to the hospital immediately, we can help you find the right doctor or medical professional to treat your injuries.

In addition to your physical injuries and medical treatment, our attorneys can help fix your car, recover compensation for your property damage, pain and suffering, loss of income, and medical expenses. The attorneys at Koohanim Law Firm have over 15 years of experience in car accident cases and we can help you pursue your claims if you are involved in an accident.

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