Crime Against Property

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Property Crimes

There are various types of property related criminal charges under California Law. Koohanim Law Firm handles most property related crimes, including the following:

  • Trespassing:
  • Trespassing is the intrusion of someone else’s property without his or her permission.
  • Vandalism:
  • Under California law, it is illegal to damage or deface another person’ property.
  • Examples of vandalism include:
  • Spray painting someone’s automobile or building.
  • Throwing a rock in order to break another person’s window.
  • Keying or scratching another person’s vehicle.
  • Theft:
  • Theft is the taking of someone else’s property without their permission.
  • The penalty for theft usually depends on the value of the property taken.
  • Burglary:
  • Burglary is the breaking and entering of another person’s property with the intent to commit a felony.
  • A charge of burglary usually accompanies other property crimes, such as trespassing and theft.
  • Arson:
  • Arson is a crime against property involving setting a fire to any structure, forest, land, or other property.
  • Penalties for arson are very severe. The penalties are even more severe if anybody was inside the property when the fire was set.
  • Arson that causes great bodily injury is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for five, seven, or nine years1.

Help Against Property Related Charges

Property related crimes are very serious, especially if the alleged victim’s property is a residence. The seriousness of such crimes is based on public policy favoring the safety and protection of people’s homes. Consequently, crimes against property are vigorously prosecuted and sentencing may lead to very harsh penalties, in many cases comprising of prison time.

Koohanim Law Firm takes all property related crimes seriously and we have the experienced attorneys to defend against property crime charges. If you have been charged with a crime against property, contact Koohanim Law Firm and we will help defend against the serious allegations and potential penalties.

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