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Wipe the Slate Clean

Everyone makes mistakes. If you have a past criminal record and are looking to have your record expunged, contact Koohanim Law Firm to determine whether you are eligible.

Eligibility for Dismissal

According to the Los Angeles County Public Defender, in California, certain individuals are eligible to have their criminal records dismissed under California Penal Code Section 1203.4. A person is eligible for a dismissal of a conviction, and the court will dismiss the conviction, if the person received probation for the conviction, and:

  • The person successfully completed probation or obtained an early release;
  • The person paid all fines, restitutions, and reimbursements ordered by the court as part of the sentence;
  • The person is not currently serving another sentence and is not on probation for another offense; and
  • The person is not currently charged with another crime.
  • Pursuant to Penal Code Section 1203.4a, even if an individual is denied probation, he or she may still apply for an expungement one year after their conviction so long as the individual is not on probation or serving a sentence for any other case. Furthermore, if a criminal case is reduced to an infraction, the record is also eligible for expungement under Section 1203.4a.

    Effect of Expungement

    An expungement will result in a new entry in the court record showing the dismissal of the case. This most notably will have an effect on a person’s ability to get a job as the person may be able to answer that he or she has not been convicted of a crime on job applications.

    What Can Our Expungement Attorneys Do?

    At Koohanim Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in seeking and successfully obtaining dismissals of past criminal records for our clients. If you have a criminal record and wish to determine if you are eligible to expunge your record, contact our firm today. We will discuss your record, your eligibility, and we will help you throughout the expungement process. Get the closure you need and improve your ability to get a job and pass background checks.